''Enigma'' - Reviews



1. The Median Man (English)

2. (Dutch)

3. Rock OverDose (Greek)

4. Afternoiz (Greek)

5. Metal'Art (French)

6. (Greek)

7. Rock Hard Greece (Greek)

8. Metal Nuovo (Greek)

9. (Greek)

10. Greek Rebels (Greek)

11. Metal Temple (English)

12. Dutch Metal Maniac (English)

13. Metal Zone (Greek)

14. (Greek)

15. Metal View (Greek)

16. Hooked on Music (German)

17. Metal Underground Webzine Austria (German)

18. Ave Noctum (English)

19. Heavy Hardes (German)

20. Metal To Infinity (English)

21.  Rock Time (Greek)

22. Rock Way (Greek)

23. Metalogy (German)

24. Medien-Info (German)

25. Rock Portaal (Dutch)

26. True Metal (Italian)

27. Kultur Aspekte (German)

28. Rockin Athens (Greek)

29. Noizz Webzine (Spanish)

30. Buchundton (German)

31. Spirit of Metal (French)

32. Sudupereviewer (Recommendation)

33. Metalia TV (Video Recommendation)

34. (German)

35. Dead Rhetoric (English)

36. Diario De Un Metalhead (Spanish)

37. Time for Metal (German)

38. Greek Rebels (Greek)

39. IsraBox-Jazz (English)

40. (For Greek click here/ For English click here)

41. Der-Hoerspiegel (German)

42. Made in Metal (Spanish)

43. Festival Stalker (German)

44. Keep on Rocking (German)

45. City Guide (German)

46. Metal Factory (German)

47. Mix 1 (German)

48. Dioses Del Metal (Spanish)

49. Hard Rock Heavy Metal (English)

50. Rock Overdose (Greek)

51. Black Velvet Radio (Greek)

52. Loud and Proud (Italian)

53. Ung Tro (Swedish)

54. Rock in Spain (Spanish/English)

55. Rock Hard (Slovak)

56. World of Metal Mag (Portuguese) 

57. My Prog Music (French)

58. Rock Hard (Greek)

59. Via Nocturna (Portuguese)

60. Italia di Metallo (Italian)

61. Rock Live Radio (German)

62. Avenue-Charmy Rose (Bulgarian)

63. Metal - Nose (Dutch)

64. Ηard Μusic Βase (Czech)

''Enigma'' - Interviews

Video Interviews

Interview starts at 13:20min.
Interview starts at 31:50min.

Video Review

Print Magazines


April 2020

"Comeback with a very ambitious job"

Kostas Lyros

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In this print you can find two pages of a great interview of Gus to Hakos Pervanidis and an excellent review of "Enigma" by Kostas Lyros!


April 2020

" Fiery symphonic metal full of passion!"

Isabell Köster

Click here and Get Your Copy!

In this print you can find Fiona's Interview, ''Enigma'' review plus the band  on editors' playlist!


May 2020

"Certainly a very special mix of the band that was founded in Athens in 2009, also offset with stimulating, soulful passages like in “Reborn”. Worth hearing". (14/15) Markus Eck

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In this print you can find Gus' Interview!


May 2020

"The band understands their craft and has delivered a consistently successful third work."

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In this print you can find a great review and Fiona's Interview!

"Is it no way inferior to the greats of the genre!" (8/10)
Rock It! Magazine May/June issue. (Germany)

"Modern in the sense of "melodious". In other words: the frequent pop elements of the "old" Fallen Arise had to be preserved. That worked out. "Enigma" contains ten catchy, beautiful sounding songs." (78/100)
Aardschok, April 2020 issue (Netherlands)

"A solid album about a bit too traditional and not least music that has been made better." Kim Olav Svines
Scream Magazine (Norway) April 2020 issue.

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