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New Agency! New Video!

Split Screen Management

We are so proud of this deal! Working with Roberto Risso and Tarja Virmakari all these years, it was easy to trust them on their new start along with amazing professional people like Kimmo Kuusniemi, Eugene O’ Connor, Sakari Heiskanen, Alberto Rigoni and their great staff and all together as SPLIT SCREEN MANAGEMENT! Many thanks to all the above for trusting FALLEN ARISE and we are sure that the way with them will be much more longer!!!

Also, we're working for our upcoming video for "Embers" with the amazing Haris Kountouris and HK Visual Creations as well as with "Enigma" and "Forever Winter" but in "Embers", you will see things we've never tried before!

Thank you for your continuous support!

Fallen Arise


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