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''Ethereal'' Full Album on Youtube

This is the "Ethereal", our first full length album, came out back in 2013. After a technical problem, now, it's free for you on our channel in YouTube. CD's stock is very limited. You can order your copy now for only 7 euros or 10 euros personal autographed by the current line up, from our e-store ONLY by clicking here!

Song List

1. Burned Ivy - 00:00 2. Eternity - 06:09 3. Ethereal - 12:26 4. Under the bliss of the sun - 16:36 5. Furor - 21:21 6. Nightouched - 22:41 7. My Fall - 27:25 8. Never Forget Me - 32:18 9. Eternal Sins - 38:33 10. Fly To Horizon - 44:42


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