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Letter to the fans!

Dear friends,

2017 has been the most important, positive and challenging year for our career. As Fallen Arise, it was the year that we felt we came of age. It was the year we set our standards very high by passing the borders of Greece where we are based for the first time. Making many new friends across Europe, we toured with some of the greatest bands of our kind and gained a lot of experience as we worked hard to make this small but important step towards our dream. As work progressed on new material during 2017, early-2018 will bring the final recording and mixing phase as we work hard towards the release of our new record for the middle of 2018. We are also busy preparing our touring schedule for 2018; the United Kingdom and Romania are our first stops and there are more to come, with 2018 bringing even higher goals and farther destinations.

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all our co-workers: Akis Kosmidis and Lambros Kokkinos from our record label RoaR; Roberto Risso, Alex Azzali and Tarja Virmakari from Alpha Omega Management; our manager and tour manager Dimitris Kazantzis; our sound engineer Nikos Zannis; Fates Warning, Paradise Lost, Destruction and Armored Dawn, with whom we shared the stages of Europe. Also, TKO, M&O Office, Spika Concerts Agency, Cavalleria Events, 7pm management and SeaWolves MC for the collaboration and supporting our tours.

But above all, we offer our deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you for your warm support and friendship during the year. We look forward to seeing you at a show soon and we wish you a happy 2018 full of health, success and of course... lots of music! As we already announced, we have a great gift for you the first day of 2018, so, stay tuned!

Kind regards, Fiona, Vlasis, Gus, Giacomo, Marios, Lucas.


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